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The delicate skin of a child needs proper delicate care🌸 It is the TM “Nature” baby soap created for special skin care for your child🌸 ⠀ 🎀Children’s soap with sage and chamomile TM “Nature” 🌼 gently cleans 🌼 softens the skin 🌼 does not overdry Has disinfecting and anti-inflammatory properties 🌼 disinfects wounds ⠀ Volume:.
If you follow all the rules of oral hygiene🌊, brush your teeth regularly⚡, use rinses⚡, then in the majority of cases you go to the dentist only for a routine examination ос ⠀ 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ ⠀ 💚 Mouthwash “Fresh Mint” ТМ “Biosense” ⚡ freshens breath Reduces bleeding and gum disease ⚡ neutralizes the harmful effects of.
The health benefits of a contrast shower are known to many: it helps to cheer up the whole body and raise mood, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation and skin condition, helps get rid of cellulite and even lose weight. Nevertheless, most of us refuse this procedure, because it causes not the most pleasant.
Do not forget that in addition to cleansing, the skin of the body also needs to be moisturized and nourished, this should be part of the daily beauty ritual, as well as moisturizing the skin of the face. Our skin needs especially intensive hydration in winter, when it experiences temperature stress or after exposure to.
To maintain the freshness and beauty of the body requires not only regular hygiene. The skin of the body must be cleaned, as well as intensively nourished and moisturized, because it contains less sebaceous glands than the skin of the face, which means that it is more prone to peeling and dryness. ⠀ The first.
Studies by scientists at the University of Buffalo (New York State) indicate that in 80-90% of cases bad breath is a result of disruption of the bacteria Solobacterium moorei and Lactobacillus casei, Porphyromonas gingivalis. With improper care of the oral cavity, harmful bacteria displace beneficial ones and lead to gum disease and tooth loss. ⠀.
There are unique chemical compounds in the world that help maintain health and maintain the right balance of positive energy. They are given by nature itself, taking care that we have the opportunity to engage in the prevention of many ailments. With its useful and medicinal properties, salt has been known since ancient times. Using.
«In a woman, as experience teaches us, health and beauty are inseparable» (с) Lope de Vega From time immemorial, women have sought to meet the standards of beauty of their time, the most important of which has always been youth and freshness of the skin. Any beauty knew the main formula for preserving her attractiveness:.
Protective Cream for children winter walks It is necessary to care for the delicate skin of a child, not only protecting it from sunlight in the summer, but also from frost in the winter. Children’s skin can crack, peel off from frost, and the most dangerous is frostbite on the face or hands. For a.
Dermatologists agree that facial skin needs to be cleaned twice a day: morning and evening. This frequency of care is associated with constant contamination of the skin with dust and bacteria that are in the air, and the work of the sebaceous glands that produce sebum and sweat. When washing your face with water, we.
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