There are unique chemical compounds in the world that help maintain health and maintain the right balance of positive energy. They are given by nature itself, taking care that we have the opportunity to engage in the prevention of many ailments.

With its useful and medicinal properties, salt has been known since ancient times. Using this natural cosmetic supplement, you can get rid of chronic fatigue and stress, and in combination with aromatic oils, salt has a beneficial effect on the whole body, preventing the appearance of cardiovascular diseases and relieving chronic pain caused by arthritis.

To date, in order to choose the right bath salt, you should study its composition. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers use natural non-salt, replacing it with food, which negatively affects its quality and healing properties.

SPA & AROMA bath salt is extracted from Lake Sivash, does not contain artificial additives, is saturated with healthy natural minerals and various essential oils and extracts. The presence of moisture in the salt is due to the fact that it contains very hygroscopic magnesium-containing minerals. Salt is not intentionally dried, as it loses its healing properties during heat treatment.

SPA & AROMA bath salts have a pleasant aroma of essential oils and are presented in a rich assortment.

A bath with salt, enriched with essential oil of Spanish mandarin, helps smooth the “orange peel”, tightens the skin, makes it supple, relieves swelling and removes excess water from the body.

Salt with essential oils of orange and cinnamon helps to cleanse and moisturize the skin, restores its elasticity.

Salt with lotus essential oil moisturizes and cleanses the skin, has a refreshing and stimulating effect, eliminates fatigue.

A bath with coffee extract has a beneficial effect on the skin condition, smoothing it, cleansing and making it more elastic, improves mood, eliminates depression.

The use of bath salts with lavender and rosemary essential oils has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, perfectly relaxes and soothes, promotes a healthy and sound sleep.

Salt with coniferous essential oils improves blood circulation in the skin, removes toxins and free radicals from it.

It is best to take salt baths in the evening, since any of them has a relaxing and pacifying effect. After each procedure, it is necessary to rinse the body and rinse off all the remaining salt, and then rub it well with a towel. After this, cosmetologists recommend giving the body a rest for half an hour, and then lubricating it with a moisturizing milk or cream.

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