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The health benefits of a contrast shower are known to many: it helps to cheer up the whole body and raise mood, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation and skin condition, helps get rid of cellulite and even lose weight. Nevertheless, most of us refuse this procedure, because it causes not the most pleasant sensations. In fact, this feeling lasts only a few days, and with a regular contrast shower, the discomfort disappears, and the procedure itself becomes a good habit. To make it easier to get used to the contrasting soul, you should start taking it in the summer, and then by the winter you will already feel stronger and healthier, and your body will become more resistant to various colds. This useful water treatment also needs to be done correctly. At the very beginning of taking a contrast shower, the water should be warm, and then hotter, while the temperature must be increased gradually, without bringing to unpleasant sensations. About a minute you need to stand under almost hot water, and then turn on the cold sharply – under it you need to stay for half a minute longer. The same applies to lowering the temperature of the water – it is necessary to lower it gradually and slowly, for about a month. At one time, it is recommended to sharply change the temperature of the water 3-5 times, and end the procedure with cold water and quickly rub with a hard terry towel until the skin becomes pinkish. The positive effect of the contrast shower on the beauty and health of the skin is proved: it becomes more youthful, toned and supple. During the procedure, under the influence of hot water, the skin pores open, and under the influence of cold water they close, which leads to increased blood circulation, blood vessels expand, and toxins from the skin are actively removed, thus the skin sagging disappears and it becomes healthier. To enhance the beneficial effect of the contrast shower on the skin, it is recommended to apply TM Floresan olive cream oil on the body after the procedure, which will perfectly moisturize and relax the skin, also improve metabolic processes and contribute to the burning of body fat.