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To maintain the freshness and beauty of the body requires not only regular hygiene. The skin of the body must be cleaned, as well as intensively nourished and moisturized, because it contains less sebaceous glands than the skin of the face, which means that it is more prone to peeling and dryness. ⠀ The first stage of body care is cleansing, and it begins with a shower. Beauticians do not recommend taking a hot or too cool shower – it is better to moderate the temperature of the water. Hard soaps and potent cleaning agents should be avoided; cleaning should be done with shower gels that gently remove impurities. ⠀ The next stage of body care is deep cleansing, or peeling. ⠀ TM Floresan salt body scrub with olive oil is ideal for deep skin cleansing: it cleanses the epidermis of dead cells and dust particles, making the skin smoother and providing it with an even beautiful color. The scrub contains small salt crystals, which provide deep cleansing. With the help of salt, the skin is enriched with useful minerals and microelements, as a result of which its tone is increased, it becomes smoother and more elastic, and salt is a wonderful tool to combat cellulite. The olive oil, which is part of the scrub, deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin. ⠀ Scrub ТМ Floresan has a pleasant refreshing aroma. Peeling dry skin is enough once a week, and oily skin can be processed 2-3 times a week. ⠀ Taking care of the beauty of your body, Bioton Cosmetics 💖