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On December 19, on St. Nicholas Day, our BIOTON team traditionally went to the Dnepropetrovsk Training and Rehabilitation Center No. 1, which has already become our homeland, to please the children with pleasant gifts and bring everything they need for the winter season. We thank everyone who joined our charity event “Let’s give a holiday together”! Friends, if not us, then who can take care of the pupils of orphanages when they so need a holiday and a sense of magic? The BIOTON company bears social responsibility before the future of our country, therefore we urge everyone to become a part of our common cause! As a result of this action, we transferred to the orphanage: – daily personal care products: liquid soap, shampoos, gels, dishwashing detergents, toothpastes, including children’s toothpastes especially for the youngest pupils; – various delicious sweets. The trip left a very warm and pleasant experience. We arrived at the matinee and met the happy faces of the children! Unfortunately, the trend is that every year the number of children in orphanages is growing. Now in the orphanage there are about two hundred children. Many of them have developmental disabilities or various physical pathologies. This once again demonstrates how much these children need our help! Many residents of our country are engaged in charity work and we need to continue our work, because we are able to change the future of Ukraine for the better.